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Welcome to the Pharmacy Corner

The pharmacy program in Delaware is operationally administered through the Delaware Medical Assistance Program (DMAP). Staffing for the Pharmacy Program includes a Pharmacy Director in conjunction with the DXC Pharmacy Team. The objective of the pharmacy program is to ensure that DMAP members have access to appropriate medications while monitoring utilization and cost-effectiveness. The rapid changes in the pharmacy industry and the importance of communicating new information to the pharmacy community are critical to the quality and continuity of care for Delaware citizens. Please click the links on the left to learn more about the pharmacy program.

Tip of the Day

Update: High-Dose Narcotic and Long-Acting and Short-Acting Opioid Criteria

Please note the recent change in DMMA policy regarding the prior authorization criteria for high dose narcotics and long- and short- acting opioids. The revised PA form can be found on the DMMA website, High-Dose Narcotic and Long-Acting and Short-Acting Opioid Criteria document.

Highlights of the new criteria requirements are below:

  • The first fill of a short-acting opioid prescription cannot exceed a 7-day supply
  • Prior authorization will be required if the total dose exceeds 90 mg morphine or equivalent (MME) per 24 hours.
    • Any prescription dispensed at 90MME or greater should have a prescription for a naloxone rescue preparation.

Update: Naloxone products for opioid overdose will no longer require a copay.

Drug Rebate

Drug Rebate Web Invoicing can be viewed through Delaware Web Invoicing Information. To apply, please complete both the Memorandum of Understanding for electronic invoicing and Application for electronic invoicing forms. Prior versions of this material can be found in the Archives.

For questions on Web Invoicing, email:
For any questions related to Drug Rebate, email:
Current W-9 for Drug Rebate
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